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Re: Things you remember from CH in the past!

My best memory would be back when I played on Belenus, I was in an old clan named VIP which was run by Aphrodite and she would hold these clan combo sales where combos would sell for 4k a piece to clan members only. That was probably the single most fun clan I've ever been in. Sadly they merged with Illuminati which died shortly after we merged
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Re: Things you remember from CH in the past!

Massive 2-3 hr battles for Aggy (before rage was implemented)
Loot with random stats (before Stonevale)
Warden collection quest
Being able to afk and kill stuff while you slept overnight
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Re: Things you remember from CH in the past!

Some things I miss the most would be:

:arrow: Running around in Stonevale with 40 other people.
:arrow: Killing the event bosses from 2011 Halloween and Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed killing the Winterking. However, a bug with that was that the first item that dropped was a hammer, but it was bugged and turned into a chicken. Then it ultimately disappeared after logging out to restart the app.
:arrow: Killing Donn and his disciples was very fun. I feel bad that storyline was kind of cut short. Really, it was interesting, and they could have made such a big story out of that and go from there. Plus when you think about it... An Avatar/Incarnation and his Disciples of a Celtic God at such low levels nowadays is rather shocking. It could have been big.

I'll add more later. Dinner time :D

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