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Taranis is Acting Up..

OTM - for the past hours the Taranis server has been acting up.. There have been frequent connection lapses where players are stuck on the connecting screen, unable to log in. Once logged in the game runs fine, but entering seems to be a challenge. We have had boss calls where literally no one can log in for five minute periods, and then all the sudden everyone logs in at once, then the window closes again. Please look into fixing this ASAP!

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Re: Taranis is Acting Up..

I usually get kicked off of wifi and can only log back if I use data...and my wifi is fine. But recently I've been having this too where neither data nor wifi seem to get me in as quick...I have to restart my phone and maybe it works
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Re: Taranis is Acting Up..

Indeed I am experiencing the same. I get the "Connecting..." Message but it never actually logs in. Have switched networks and devices 3 times so it is not my network or device.
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