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Gelebron Down in Danu!!

Ascension finally defeated Gelebron this morning with roughly 43 toons showing! We downed before rage! It was a smooth kill..I'm really proud of all my clannies :D I'd like to also say a special thank you to BuckEye from Avalon. I went there last minute for a few extra tips on what to do and his tips really helped put together a solid plan :D Biteys blog and resurgence videos also helped a great deal ...but mostly thank you to all the members of Ascension coming together and working as one. Time zones is such an issue for us, it was an amazing moment to experince with everyone :D

Drops were:
Shadow Axe of Solar Flame
Godly Rupture Ring
Mighty FireBolt ring
Folklore and Pure
Level 230+ Rogue
General of Ascension
LadysHeart Level 220+ Druid
Level 220+ Ice Mage Valyria
Heartsbane 220+ Warrior
Level 220+ Ranger Sweet Tansy
Dreamfyre Level 220+ Lure Mage
190 Locker Rogue Catspaw


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