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Re: New Player, Server Choice?

csc76 wrote:If you don't own multiple devices or you don't plan to have 5 alts at end game or you cannot play almost daily or you cannot log to kill a boss most time of the day etc. your chances of entering avalon will be thin and you will most likely quit the game or transfer out.

Lol, that's harsh. That maybe the perception but we have plenty of members who do not own multiple devices or only have 1 high level character. A few don't login daily and some are even in different time zones who can't attend raids regularly.

Ava is a raiding clan, that's really our main focus and when there are many bosses to cover, especially when they overlap, it's difficult for those with only one char to run around from one place to another. So members tend to level up another toon, and sometimes also end up buying another device, but in no way do we force or expect anyone to do so.

We just want our game environment drama free. We want our members to know they can login the game and they won't have to deal with bs. Players with good rep and etiquette are always prime candidates for membership even if we don't recruit heavily we always keep an eye out for good folks. But being able to play often is usually the first step and getting to the end game level is crucial. If you only play 1 hour a day and takes 2 years to get to level 150 then yeah chances are you wont get many votes at all.

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Re: New Player, Server Choice?

Aileron wrote:Lol, that's harsh. That maybe the perception ...


If you only play 1 hour a day and takes 2 years to get to level 150 then yeah chances are you wont get many votes at all.

The view from the inside and from the outside are always different and truth stands in the middle. Therefore I apologize for the harshness (not really intended). PM is for further clan-specific discussion, let's not derail the discussion.

However, I think that my advise is still valid to any newcomers to Morrigan. In a game that is (finally!) level-capped, that is not developing horizontal content and that does not allow the end-game clan to move away from low-level raid bosses, if only a minority of the server population above 180 (Hrung is 180) is in the dominant clan and will statistically eventually enter the dominant clan, then it means that the majority of the server will not enjoy most end-game content. With this premises, joining a different server where a larger percentage of population has access to raids may be a better choice for the average player. (If you are hard-core, there's no issue)

[ for many adults playing just 1-2h per day is already a lot. OTM has a major player retention issue if those players face their "soft raid content cap" at 180 out of 240 levels. ]
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