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Re: In defense of rolling

smellyunder wrote:Clearly this is a post made without knowing about anything he has said and aimed at attacking resurgence. This post has nothing to do with the topic. Teaweasel quitted game even before resurgence was formed.

please read what i said below, also I do not care about your respect really.

friddoo wrote:Could be just a rumour

My information came from a quitting post by Drizzt in which Tea also commented which is why I left what I said as an open ended question and not a statement of fact, you should get your facts straight :D

Iangmuir wrote:Not even close. What is also strange is that Teaweasel quit the game before you joined the forums. So how did you know him? :lol: do you just make this stuff up?

Nah this isnt my first forum account, my old one was my irl name though so i decided to change to keep it more private.
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Re: In defense of rolling

How does a thread about rolling for drops turn into clan member bashing?

Shouldn't it be personal experience when rolling did and did not work rather than Joe Bob pulled trolls on me at this mord in Feb of 1832
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Re: In defense of rolling

Don't name and shame Joe Bob!! :lol: in my opinion, each world and clan has a different dynamic and what might work for one clan will not work for another. People might be just fine with a loot council, but trying to put dkp into a clan might tear it apart. I think each world should do what's best for it. For example, did you know that up until about 6-8 months ago Lugh had a ton of different clans that all worked together and that loot was rolled for by everyone who attended the fight? That system wouldn't work on Arawn with a dominant clan, and our DKP wouldn't have worked for them. So you want to roll for drops? That's fine if it's what works on your server. But it doesn't work on mine and that's ok too.

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Re: In defense of rolling

After perusing through this topic I wondered what a hybrid dice/dkp system could possibly be like and if it would be possible to work.
There is no right or wrong in loot distribution it's all about opinion.
Joe Bob finds £20 walking down street on way to work on route he had never taken before, Jane Bob takes that route every day and never found any money, is joe just lucky? Was it unfair to Jaune? or should he have given it to Jane? Etc etc
just opinions lol anyway I thought of this just for well I guess more opinions :)
Now let's imagine a system that gives dkp for each raid kill, respectively to each toon in attendance, fairly normal yes,?
30 ppl turn up to a raid on mordris, drops are spear, brace and couple of rings,
Now straight after that raid those in attendance who are eligible for each individual drop roll the dice,
The 3 highest eligible rolls would then bid solely against each other using dkp that they have.
Of course the rolls would randomise those eligible but still gives priority to the one with the most points (if they are willing to bid high enough)
And the drop would go directly to a person who attended the kill to which it came from.
Of course I just made this up its just to show things are not set in stone, you can make your own systems up,
each and every system has pros and cons
Why not try make one yourself and you will all see that no matter what you do it's right for one person but wrong for another lol

Re: In defense of rolling

For the Joe and Jane part, some would say split the £20 to £10 each but of course you can't rip a mord helm in half to share lol
I wonder if otm would ever consider dropped loot crafting or deconstruction, two dark helms (same type) make one shadow helm, two shadow helms (same type) make one godly helm and same in reverse that would be pretty cool to lol

Re: In defense of rolling

When multiple clans attend the boss instead of having lock battles, then rolling would probably be the best way. As the majority of the worlds do not do that, it would not be good for them. As I have said, I was in a clan that rolled for drops if more than one wanted and it definitely took longer to get gear than dkp or even the like loot council where all go to leaders and they hand out.

All ways have their advantages and their flaws. The roll means you either need to be lucky or find someone willing to sell gear...loot council sometimes means you need to be all buddy buddy with who decides who gets gear, and dkp may seem unfair to newer clannies who won't have as many points to spend/bid as someone who has been in the clan for 2 years so they don't always get the opportunity to get the higher gear (yet someone who has been in clan 2 months outbid others yesterday for godly cuff of smiting from the reset Hrung we won).
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