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Which Server??

Hey I'm an Old/New Player I Played on Rhiannon Back in Yule of 2011, Didn't Fall In Love With The Game and Deleted It, Was Using Android and Didn't Try The Game Again Till Beltane of 2013, and Switched Back to IOS in December of 2015, What I'm Want Ming To Know Is, Which Server Would Be a Good Fit For Me, I Have Created A Toon On Multiple Servers And Not Sure Which To Go With, I've Asked Questions and Guessing Like Most MMO's Don't Get A lot Of Answers Being a Noob. I'm Mostly Looking To Play A Mage or Ranger To Endgame, So Whichever Server That I Could Be Helpful To And Them Back, I'd Like To Find Out. Thank You.

Re: Which Server??

The server you pick should really depend on its clans and their rules. Some servers use a point bidding system (dkp), while generals vote on who should get geared on others. Or if you'd like complete luck to decide if you win stuff or not, come to epona :P. Anyway, you should get some basic info from a servers forum, that should probably be enough to make a decision....
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