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5th Anniversary Celebrations! - Double Bounty XP Weekend!

Hey Heroes,

As part of our on-going 5th anniversary celebration for Celtic Heroes we are throwing a 4 week festival of events, sales and giveaways to say thanks to all brave heroes of these lands!

The next weekend event has been revealed!


From the 3rd to 6th of June all bounty all bounties will reward Double XP!

Servers will restart on Friday (Announcements to follow) so save your bounties on Friday until after the restart!

Time to start hunting those Relic Shards!
Muldar /
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Re: 5th Anniversary Celebrations! - Double Bounty XP Weekend

Muldar wrote:
Zenaku wrote:I wish they doubled the amount of bounties you could do each day to go along with this double exp..

Something we were looking into! :)

(May test it out on beta, too dangerous for live currently)

Maybe next time. We appreciate the update regardless
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