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Biggest achievement on CH to date.

So what's your biggest achievement on CH so far?

When I started this game in the Halloween event of 2012 (one with the witches hats) I set out to be the highest level warrior on Arawn, when Carrowmore came I achieved this with a level of 180, was proud of this cuz Arawn was and is seen as one of the top servers so there's a lot of top players there. So with that done I took my first break of the game and that's when I lost my touch with the game, came back and I rarely even levelled my warrior, never got a toon up to 190 cuz it's just to hard and slow to level at higher levels and I wasn't prepared to spend that amount of money. So that's my biggest achievement, what's yours?

Re: Biggest achievement on CH to date.

I think it's not comming on forums to complain. Sadly I'll never reach this goal.
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