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Come to Rosmerta, land of opportunity!

Rosmerta is a land of wild and untamed beauty, boundless potential - now bursting with excitement and returning to its former glory. It's all happening now on Ros. Come and join the fun!

Rosmerta's a world with a rich and colourful history. Some of the biggest and baddest bosses were first beaten here. It was the first of any world to kill Mordris, a feat of the legendary Clan Revenge. Necro too was first brought down here, before any other world. Mighty clans fought the bosses and each other in a time of epic heroes. A land of romance and beauty, Rosmerta hosted the first Celtic Heroes wedding, between Sapphire and Cyphillus.

In more recent times Rosmerta had become somewhat quiet, with dissonance in the dominant clan leading to many leaving to try other worlds. But with the recent split, Rosmerta has sprung to life - with two dominant endgame clans, engaging in spirited and (mostly) friendly competition. Raid bosses are being dropped on spawn, there's always a lock battle to enjoy, and the gear is flowing freely. Rosmerta is vibrant and fun!

The younger of the endgame clans has now reached number 1 in the activity level power ranking across all worlds, with least number of players of all the top clans. We're only 6 weeks old. Former Rosmerta players are returning from exile. The world has woken from its slumber, and former glories are in sight again.

Now these rankings are determined by activity. We make no pretence at being the 'strongest' server yet. But that activity level shows Ros is a happening place. The train is leaving the station - come aboard! And as a young clan there's plenty of potential. Join us and make your mark. But if you fancy the other side, I'm sure you'll find excitement there too.

Newcomers can be sure of finding open and welcoming hospitality. There's a thriving low and mid level community, supported by some of the endgame players, and levelling is quick and easy in any of the major clans. The cuisine is justly famous and the nightlife is second to none. Come dance the night away with us in the fashionable 'murky vaults' district, where our speciality crowd pleaser 'raging necro' always goes down a treat, or go uptown to the stylish 'arcane sanctum' to join us in taking down a slice of Prime.

Anyone considering Rosmerta (and you should!) can reach out to me, or if we're not to your liking I'm sure a leader in the other endgame clan would also be happy to help. We can put you in touch with friendly and approachable veterans who can help with the world transfer process. Whatever your clan alignment, Rosmerta welcomes you!

Come and join the fun!

Rosmerta Forever!
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Re: Come to Rosmerta, land of opportunity!

As you noticed OTM removed the player level from clan rankings. It's now who has the most lvl5 toons that are active that dominate the leaderboards. Heck I think if I logged em once a day I could be the #1 clan all worlds myself alone lol.

Not saying it's not a great world or that the clans aren't fantastic, just that the clan leaderboard basically says nothing about a clans power anymore.
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