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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

I have 4 toons
Toon 1 (6 bountys daily/0 purple)
Toon 2 (2 bountys daily/0 purple)
Toon 3 (2 bountys daily/0 purple)
Toon 4 (2 bountys daily/0 purple)
World: Danu
Clan: Ascension
E3: Rogue lvl 222+
Shadow9: Warrior lvl 185+

Instagram: @celtic_tavern (I do daily uploads, feel free to come say hi)

Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

One toon, 6 bounties per day for 2 weeks so 84 bounties completed. Out of 84 bounties I have 35 reds 3 greens and 3 purples. So out of 84 bounties 41 of those awarded some type of token the other 43 awarded none so 48.8% of bounties reward a random token. Out of 41 tokens awarded 7.3% are purple, 7.3% are green, and 85.4% are red. This has been my experience so far anyways.
Serethem Lvl: 210 Class: ranger
World:Herne Clan: Infection (full edl armor and bow thank you clan!)

Armageddon01 Lvl: 105 Class: Mage
World:Rosmerta Clan:

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