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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

6 bounties on 2 toons since the update, got 2 purple tokens on main, 1 on alt. Funny that I got 2 purple tokens from a simple, easy bounty and 1 from an Elite.
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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

I have 2 alts and I try to do the maximum of bounties a day which is 6 and I haven't gotten a purple one yet only green.
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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

Haven't counted the Reds. 0 green and 0 purple. Those were easy to count.

I do 6 bounties daily on one acct and 2-6 on 1-2 more accounts.

I have missed a few days.
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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

One character, about 6 bounties a day 14-20 times since update. Other days I usually did at least 2 but ranging from 2-4. 1 purple and probably 3-5 greens.
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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

2 toons,
200+ toon, 6 out ties daily, but missed all 6 a couple days, 4 purples first week, got top tier bunny, 2 purples since then. 2 green and idr how many red.

118 toon, at least 2 bounties a day, several times doing all 6 so I'll call it an average of 3 per day since update, 29 red, 1 green, 0 purple.

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