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Purple bounty coins (Poll)

Nothing to do with pet tokens from chests, just bounties only.

Specify what toons you have, how many bounties you do daily, how many purple coins you have gotten, and if you want, say what you have done with it.


I have 2 toons, both doing 6 bounties per day since bounties were released, each toon has 1 purple coin so far. Just letting those purple coins sit until I can get a level 1 pet of the rarest tier, or waiting until to next event's pet.

Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

Everything wrote:One Character who does 6 Bounties a day and missed 4 days since event started.

Gotten like 30 Favours and 1 (ONE!) Boon. Have yet to see a single Prize.

If by prize you mean bounty bags then you should know that bounty bags are no longer won by doing event bounty's.instead the woman (forget her name) who gives you the quest to kill the stag, the boar and the bear has a chance of giving not only potions and Archer hat's boars, mounts, ect. Like bounty bags did.

As for me do 3-4 bounty's on 2 toons a day and not a single purple :( (been playing since the event started.)

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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

I have done maximum enabled bounties per day for 5 days... no luck on purples yet.

current poll for me stands at 5 hunters favours and 1 green one (not sure of name)
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