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Re: Ch data usage

Thats about right. Before the Destiny update, CH uses about 5mb per hour, so it should be a tad higher now, but still not data intensive.

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Re: Ch data usage

All of the calculations and actions go on in the server. All that your device sends is small bits of data regarding positioning based on a plane which is insignificant. Your device calculates all the animations and everything else when sent a request to by the server. The server doesn't send the animation, it just sends a small piece of data that asks the device to render it. Not only does it save data, but it makes the game much more secure

Re: Ch data usage

Ace1007 wrote:I've been playing for about 7 hours on my 3G and it's used 52.5mb of data. Hope that helps.

Depending on how many background fetches are going on from other apps/services, not all of that 52.5 mb may be just CH.

Re: Ch data usage

Go to settings > mobile

Tells you exactly how much data gets used on each app. But yes, ch only uses a small amount
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