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Re: Crest Drop Rate Changed?

Everything wrote:6* Frozen Bosses used to drop 2 crests, and now only drop one..

Was this deliberatly done or a mistake? Crests were already a pain before, now it's gonna be hell :(

Normal 6* = 1 crest, 1 orb + ring
Mega 6* = 2 crests, 2 orbs + ring drop

Lvl 110 All Seeing or Lvl 120 All Knowing
Lvl 115 Swamp Lord or Lvl 125 Swamp King
Lvl 120 Woodcrown the Ancient or Lvl 130 Gnarlroot the Ancient
Lvl 125 Chained King or Lvl 135 Chained Emperor
Lvl 130 Grommak the Stonelord or Lvl 140 Ragnok the Stonelord
Lvl 135 Pyrus the Lavalord or Lvl 145 Ignus the Lavalord

Re: Crest Drop Rate Changed?

Bitey wrote:
Perky wrote:OTM, could you please consider lowering the Frozen windows? Something like DL/EDL..

I thought they used to be for a while...

They were but this was reversed.
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