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Re: How much pet token on your server?

same on gwydion, I opened 130 chests today, only got 4 pet tokens. the drop rate is low and we all know how supply and demand works for when supply is low and the demand is high. I'm personally paying 150k ea and still can't get a lot of people to sell. the drop rate of these in chests should be higher or you can't even buy these tokens with gold to quickly upgrade your pet
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Re: How much pet token on your server?

First event drop rate to low.

If a max pet is worth about 5 million (not a guess just a random number) you can expect them to sell around 40k per token eventually. The question becomes whats the value.
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Re: How much pet token on your server?

First day of event on taranis 100k easy. Some people were actually trading 1per chest most trying to sell for 50k I would buy them all for 55k and make 45k per.

Second day, had 15 left over to sell from first day, asked 150k each all sold out. Started paying 75k and reselling for 150k.

Third - forth day, asked 200k per all sold instantly still paying 75k per. I start to really go at it buying up all the chests and tokens I can find. Others are starting to catch and are willing to pay more for tokens for personal use.

Fifth - sixth day, still finding them for 75k each having to compete with other buyers on prices. Sold first few loads for 200k each then my buyer finally asks for a price breack at 175k each. Still buying them for 75k.

Token and chest are next to impossible to find now on taranis many people trying to buy but none to be found. By now I've made enough gold I feel satisfied and have bought enough new gear Iam back to broke :) just the way Iam used to being hehe

So one week after event I have prolly made over 15m off tokens/chests items (tbh I made so much I couldn't keep track 15m is prolly a low ball guess. My initial investment was 1 warlocks diabolical felspine I sold to a friend for 2m and 100 chests when chests were going for 30k still on the first day.

Now the true is I sold all of these tokens mainly to 1 person. I imagin he is almost done buying but with chests as scares as they are and tokens even more so Iam very curious where this new token market is going to lead.

This being my own personal overview of taranis token market.
I feel the price of tokens solely depends on the amount of play buyers on the server and the availability of chests. That being said as soon as most people have max lvl pets on a server I foresee the prices dropping drastically. Considering the amount of tokens generated on a server per event I would assume there are only a handful of people per server that will be able to get a max pet within 1 events time. Depending on plat buyers and server populations I hypothesis token prices might stay around the 100-200k on most server for 1-2 years time unless otm ups the drop rate. Which I don't believe they should do personaly.

..... Ya I guess I couldn't just said 200k is the max so far :3
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Re: How much pet token on your server?

I bet they'll be ecstatic when the next set of (better) pets arrive and they'll have to do the same thing all over again.
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Re: How much pet token on your server?

Two of my clanmates that are a married couple seem to have a liking to me (Im amazing) and often do random good stuff for me.... They sold me 4 pet tokens, first 3 he took 10k each and I added 15k for the 4th one. But normally I dont see ppl sell them I think everyone wants the pets on Belenus.
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