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More than one lux equip?

So me and my clan noticed that the rings and bracelets don't say anything about only one being quiped at a time. Does this mean you can quip 4 100 vit/100 str rings at the same time? We did not test yet ourselfes but wanted to see if anyone else has. Anyone tried this?

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Re: More than one lux equip?

I doubt it so don't go wasting gold on a bunch of lux rings that probably doesn't allow you to equip more than one of the same ring. You could test it by borrowing a ring from someone else that trusts you
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Re: More than one lux equip?

Warrior in our rival clan is using two vit braces and 3 str/vit rings from this event so yes you can use more than one at a time.
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Re: More than one lux equip?

Everything wrote:This issue frustrated me when I logged on after a year hiatus and found that my Bracelets I worked for no longer stacked.
Beyond irritating.

What's interesting is Sunsharf Bracelets stack.

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