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Players and thier "Thrift store personalitys"

Is it just me or is there stages of noobness? First stage is when they are lvl 10-20 when they send random trade requests to high lvl players and offer you a buckler and a great maul for 3k lol. Second stage is 20-40 when they run to stone and constantly spam the shout chat with "Buying fettle" or in recent cases "player shouts:Buying fettle" or in other various colors realy screwing with your perseption of chat. The third stage is shouting for help on quests whitch is fine but then its shouting for help on the "Evil in stonvale" quest and if you do help them for the next, no joke till about lvl 80, they shout "Buying discs" or "Looking for a clan that will give me discs".

I personal find these new players with thier uncreative names and there unsatisfied taste for everything being handed down to them like they are a thrift store very obnoxious and it makes me a very hostile person at times. Just a thought I had to share there has to be a solution to breaking these noobs of there spoiled nature, anyone have any ideas? (I just yell at them and block them if they persist but thats not a solution)
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Re: Noobs and thier "Thrift store personalitys"

I personally have faced such noobs: when they see a high lvl they send em group friend and trade request at the same time lol but the best way to avoid being annoyed by noobs is- act like if u were afk ( well this sometimes helps me if not just block em all)
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Re: Noobs and thier "Thrift store personalitys"

OMG! I'm the biggest noob magnet!
Wanna know the fastest way to get blocked?
Trade/friend me while I'm at a vendor
Or trade/friend me if I didnt ask to buy/sell and/or don't know you
Or beg for stuff/help
Or be a general nuisance ...

Ya I get half of Rosemerta on my block list...
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Re: Noobs and thier "Thrift store personalitys"

Yeah it does get slightly annoying and it's becoming more common.

I quite commonly encounter people who try to:
  1. Form random groups with me and when I ask why, they say nothing or just a plain "lvl". I decline, and they persist in doing this.
  2. Trade me and then place an item which I clearly don't need in the window. They then say "3k" and I say I don't need it, and am about to get really annoyed as they say "pleaaaase I need the money"...well sorry, but I need money too and I can't go wasting it!
  3. Think I am the divine money donator. I don't just give money to anyone, neither do I lend weapons and I do not constantly store "gold armour".
  4. Follow you around and attempt to take your kills.
  5. Usually try and do all of the above when I am busy.

To be honest, I have to admit I would love a clan that gives me fragments (which I know will never happen) - but the again, I am under level 80 (hehe :oops: )

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Re: Noobs and thier "Thrift store personalitys"

I hate how this community puts noob behaviour on the Noob, and not on the community.

You know how you solve all that behaviour that you hate? You take the time to talk to someone, you let them know that spamming and begging and all that behaviour is really poor server etiquette and will get you quickly blocked. You give examples of good behaviour, you instruct how people can learn how to enter into the community and not shoot themselves in the foot on a behaviour level. You take the time to educate and instruct and not simply act aloof and elite, like you weren't EXACTLY like that a number of months ago.

Here's the fact. This game caters to VERY few MMO veterans. Sure some exist, some know how to act and how to play their dynamic group role, but most of everyone are indeed total noobs. It's the nature of a Free2Play game. Looking down on people like you are somehow cooler and better because you don't step in and guide people in laughable to me. And I'm not just talking to the people on this thread, I am talking to this entire community.

I personally enjoy making fun of really selfish people on shout, but I do take the time to talk to people who spam or beg me. It's largely a thin line between taking the time to block the obvious bad eggs, and helping the people who are just unknowledgable.

Sure some people are meant to be blocked, some people are morons and can't be taught, but looking at every Noob as that awful block able player is disgusting, and with the advent of a new update and a noob friendly game. You all need to change your attitudes, because its all disgusting.

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