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Re: Has anyone actually bought a Tier 1 pet

BlackMamba wrote:A dark sacrifice skull is also an "option" to use rather than void firebolt. So do you suggest I get a dark sacrifice for my *dps* mage and ignore the fact that there are better options? Most players don't like settling for mediocrity, in case you haven't noticed after nearly 5 years of this game's existence. It is similar concept to why people complain about drops on a daily basis, Muldar. They sit in banks unused because noone wants to use a garbage item when they can wait for a better one. Especially when there's no method to trade up. (hint: crafting?)

You can get a level 6 tier 1 pet for cheaper, sure. But once you have accomplished that why would you be satisfied with a mediocre pet that cannot be improved? And cannot be exchanged or traded in any way?

Totally agree with this.

Re: Has anyone actually bought a Tier 1 pet

In beta you could, it seems like they made some improvements on pet system and made some things worse when it was all said and done. The feedback on adding pets to bounty shop was taken. However, the fact you can trade down a purple coin for 25 regular but not trade up 25 regular for one purple is a complete joke.
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Re: Has anyone actually bought a Tier 1 pet

Seen a couple maxed Brown Dogs and Rabbits on Rosmerta.

All comes down to player choice. It's actually kind of smart if you do that. You can max a Tier 1 for cheaper, still have added stats, and save or sell whatever coins/tokens you get thereafter.

It's all about player choice. Some people pick Pets due to their appearance, some for Stats, and neither one is wrong.
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Re: Has anyone actually bought a Tier 1 pet

Aileron wrote:...and intend to max it?

All I've seen are Silver Mastiffs and Golden Hares. All Tier 4 pets.

OTM says buy a lower tier so you can max it faster. Really? Would you really do that?

I have a tier 1 hare. Purely for the reason that once I can get a top tier one in 3 years, I'd have already maxed the ability already.
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Re: Has anyone actually bought a Tier 1 pet

All tier 1 pets Ive seen are lvl 1, bought them mostly to lvl their ability as they save for better one, maybe only a single one is over lvl 1. Ive seen tier 3 dog lvled to 5 and tier 3 rabbit at lvl 1, but mostly silver and golden.
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