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Re: Hrungnir camping - how does it happen in your world?

We just have a hrung checker toon and when it's spawn window, log it once an hour or so then call out on group chat app when it spawns. We don't really have competition on my server for hrung so no need to camp. And even if we did, I'd rather pass on gear than spend an extended time camping. Idk . . . virtual gear just doesn't seem worth the time invested in staring at a screen for hours and hours and hours when there's so many other things to do in real life. Now if I had a job that allowed me to camp while at work, then I suppose that would be a different story.
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Re: Hrungnir camping - how does it happen in your world?

While the OP does set the tone for the way this thread has gone, I'd like to remind all users of what the OP asked:

A question to those worlds with competition - how do clans camp Hrungnir?

Flaming other clans is not what the question was, and so I'm going to have to lock the thread if this continues.

Thanks! :)

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Re: Hrungnir camping - how does it happen in your world?

Taranis server has just recently had to start camping hrung due to one clan deciding they want FFA. The way we normally camp hrung is to have one or two people there on location (sometimes a low lvl spotter). We do request that when clan members log out that they park their toons at hrung to be ready if he spawns.

We also use a messaging app to call when he pops. From my observations, this is how most of the clans camp hrung here on Taranis. There is simply no reason to have 10-20 people sitting there with their thumbs up their butts. That alone gives every other clan an advantage at any edl or dl bosses that may spawn during the hrung window.
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Re: Hrungnir camping - how does it happen in your world?

Let's get the facts straight. Cut through Little Wing's (Aileron) rhetoric.
1. There was not a "48 hour camp". Never happened.
2. Avalon, at times, had more toons on than Havoc. Typically at least 2-3. Also see Aileron admit the use of multiple devices.
3. Avalon got the lock.
4. Who cares?

Seriously, who cares and why even bring it up?

Perhaps it would be a better use of the forums to explore issues not snivel, malign and exaggerate. One would expect better behavior from a moderator.

For instance, on could simply point out that the boss system is broken. A system that allows one clan to dominate a server. Oh. Wait. That would be Avalon.

So now we should ask ourselves why the Leader of a clan that can exploit this fundamental flaw, thinks he is being so abused by another clans valiant but vain attempts to get just a sliver of the pie?

Or better still, we could ask OTM why they haven't fixed it?

Looking forward to Avalon's personal attacks and red herring posts that are sure to follow.

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Re: Hrungnir camping - how does it happen in your world?

A hopefully reasonable response to Bluestar's reasonable response.

First, I feel Aileron's question is a rhetorical one. Not an honest query. Note: I said feel not think. So, perhaps, not reasonable.

Second, and I hope you would agree, this Sunday's Hrung camp was not reflective of a typical Hrung camp on Morrigan. Like all things they very in quality and intensity. Both clans have camped Hrung with the same intensity, but it's the exception not the norm.

Lastly, many posts in this thread mention the use of a single camper to keep an eye out and call the clan when the boss spawns. Nothing new here. But, of all the end game higher level bosses with huge spawn Windows, Hrung is unique, in that unlike a Mordi or a Necro, Hrung can go down in a moment, not requiring the a clan to Marshall its forces. Hrung is Hrung between a Snorri and a Mordi.

In sum, I did spend this Sunday logged in at Hrung, while I watched movies, did laundry and chatted with the one or two others who popped in now and then. Yes, there were a few brief times when maybe 8-10 logged in. True for both clans. So, for me, Aileron's question still begs the question, why bring it up at all?

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