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Class balance

In a post you stated that OTM had done class balancing on druids. Having a rogue and mage of the same level, it's easy to compare leveling rates. My druid which has very good gear is still taking over twice the amount of lix to level, so I would like to know what the definition of balance is. When you say class balance, I'm expecting to be able to use the same amount of resources to level.

Making lightening strike insta cast is not class balance when strike was an extremely short cast time to begin with.

Imagine if your boss said to you, "you're going to get paid half of what the others are for the same amount and type of work." Would you find this acceptable?
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Re: Muldar: class balance

Oh look, another issue that has been brought up over and over and over throughout the years and nothing has been done about it.. Druids have literally been talking about this for4 years. I agree with you 100% Zyz, but until druids as a whole STOP PAYING to get screwed over, OTM has literally no incentive to fix this blatant problem with druids.

So, Zyz, how much longer are you willing to pay OTM money until this issue is resolved?

Re: Class balance

Hey Zyz,

I think in terms of classes playing the same (leveling rate / suitability) is not necessarily the goal, as Dem0n said in his post all classes have a role and excel in certain ways.

But in class balance terms we are more looking at creating an enjoyable experience in leveling each class and will try to make changes to improve that experience within Celtic Heroes.
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Re: Class balance

I feel a major problem is that people who want to play druid, just end up quitting once they realize how hard of a uphill battle it starts to become around level 80-120. When your in otherworld and you die trying to kill a 3* mob. If a 1 or 2* mob aggros your guaranteed to not get off a touch to heal yourself. Meanwhile JoeRogue is polishing off 3 mobs in the time it took for you to #tryanddie. #getyourskirtoutofthedirtdruid.

For new players this is discouraging. The druid community is often hurting. On our server we often times lean on one druid to solo heal. or heal two tanks at once on event bosses or raids. etc. Meanwhile we have plenty of rogues. the cost vs reward for rogue is so high. its cheaper to lix to end game. yes you do die from aoe. but so do druids. they can't even fend off a add when in full support.

I could go on but i would kill everyone with boredom. #boredomkillsmorepeopleonforumsthandruidsdo-incelticheroes.

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Re: Class balance

The fact that our clan has over 30 green crowns in the bank speaks for itself when comparing Druids to other classes, maybe if you added more fricken dmg to Druids we would have more cause they can actually level
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Re: Class balance

Muldar wrote:Hey Zyz,

I think in terms of classes playing the same (leveling rate / suitability) is not necessarily the goal, as Dem0n said in his post all classes have a role and excel in certain ways.

I agree that every class must have a different role but, sorry, levelling speed must NOT be part of the role. All classes should be able to level at same speed. But I do not want druids to have more dps. That's not their role.

Either you find other ways to make druids earn xp (e.g. class specific quests, healing) or you should introduce class specific xp multipliers so that druids get more xp per kill when they solo. For groups just give to everybody the average multiplier (because in a group the dps is already the average one)
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