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Abbreviations guide

For the new players of Celtic Heroes here is a guide to abbreviations

1) ty- thank you
2) tyvm- thank you very much
3) np- no problem
4) yw- your welcome
5) gtg- got to go
6) bbl- be back later
7) ttyl- talk to you later
8) nvm- never mind
9) gn- good night
10) gb- good bye
11) hm- how much
12) omw- On my way!
13) lvl- leval
14) log- logging off the game
15) Rez- resurrection idols
16) Res- restoration potions
17) pot- potions
18) know- knowledge elixir
19) Lix- elixir
20) grp- group
21) carrow- carrowmore tunnels
22) shale- shalemount ravine
23) ow- other world
24) lan- lanric
25) fg- frost guard
26) sb- snow bound
27) fun emoji's :) :( ;) ;( :/ :p :P :I :D :d D: ..1.. (Middle finger thought up by me) -.- .-.

If there is somthing I missed pls post it below thanks for reading

Added Words
1) Gfy- go f*** yourself
2) Gtfo- get the f*** out
3) xp- another word for know
4)Dl: Dragonlord
5)Edl: Exalted dragonlord
6)Dg: doch gul
7)Met: Meteoric
8)Ph: Placeholder
9)Grim: Grimoire
10)Def form (or just form): Defensive Formation
11)Stance/Pro stance: Protective Stance
12)Gs/swing: Giant swing
13Fb: Fire bolt
14)Fs: Firestorm
15)Fire/Ice att: Fire/Ice attunement
16)E boost: Energy boost
17)E shield: Energy shield
18)Nt: Nature's Touch
19)Ls: Longshot, Life Steal, (dunno bout this) Lightning Strike
20)Ss: Shadowstrike
21)Qs: Quick strike
22)Carrow: Carrowmore Tunnels
23)Lir's: Lir's Reach
24)Dw: Don't worry, Dustwither Catacombs
25)Cata: Also means Dustwither Catacombs
26)Gen: General
27)Guard: Guardian
28)Chief: Chieftain
29)Clans: Clansman
30)Gl: Good luck
31)Gm: Good morning, Good match (when dueling)
32)Gg: Good game (sometimes used when dueling)
33)Gj: Good job (usually used after killing a boss or something)
34) stfu: shut the f*** up
35) lol: laughing out loud
36) lmao: laughing my ass off
37)Merch= merchant
38)Pvp= player vs player
39)Pve= player vs enemy
40)Tc= take care
41)Rng= random number generator(like dice)
42)Ava sled= avalanche sled(60%)
43)Wk= winterking
44)Obs= obsidian
45)1h=1 handed weapon
46)2h=2 handed weapon
47)Boe=bind on equip
49) cwl= crying with laughter
50) rofl= roll on the floor laughing
51)Wyld= wyldwood/wyldgrove/wyldshrine
52)Fash= fashion
53)Ammy= amulet
54) Merch= to buy and sell and make a profit
55)Tmi = too much info
56)Tia = thanks in advance but I dun think ud use that in ch lol
57)smh = shaking my head
58) nrn= not right now
60)hp=Heath point
61)hf=have fun
62)cyl= see you later
63)event (lvl) (stars)= event boss what lvl and how many stars
64)linaf= life is not always fair

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Re: Abbreviations guide

Hmm, some ppl say sk for super knowledge and sc for super combo, we just say xps and combos. Theres also bbl = be back later, bbiab = be back in a bit, lvl means level not leval, we just say idols and not rez, no one says lan over lanrik, thats what I got right now. Also theres cira = crim is really awesome.
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Re: Abbreviations guide

Lix also means to use elixirs to level up.
Aggy- Aggragoth
Mord/Mordy: Mordris (not much of a difference)
Hrung/Hrungy: Hrungnir (same)
Gele: Gelebron
Necro: Efnisien the Necromancer
Imp: Imperial
Es: Earthstone
Ea: Each
Combo: Combination elixir
Dl: Dragonlord
Edl: Exalted dragonlord
Dg: doch gul
Met: Meteoric
Ph: Placeholder
Grim: Grimoire
Def form (or just form): Defensive Formation
Stance/Pro stance: Protective Stance
Gs/swing: Giant swing
Fb: Fire bolt
Fs: Firestorm
Fire/Ice att: Fire/Ice attunement
E boost: Energy boost
E shield: Energy shield
Nt: Nature's Touch
Ls: Longshot, Life Steal, (dunno bout this) Lightning Strike
Ss: Shadowstrike
Qs: Quick strike
Carrow: Carrowmore Tunnels
Lir's: Lir's Reach
Dw: Don't worry, Dustwither Catacombs
Cata: Also means Dustwither Catacombs
Gen: General
Guard: Guardian
Chief: Chieftain
Clans: Clansman
Gl: Good luck
Gm: Good morning, Good match (when dueling)
Gg: Good game (sometimes used when dueling)
Gj: Good job (usually used after killing a boss or something)

Hope these help :)
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Re: Abbreviations guide

ss can be stinging swarm as well but most often its refered to as bees
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