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Explain to this nub

Ok so theres this one Gen/guard idk, thats in the powerful clan of danu and said that a full edl rogue does more dmg then a full decked out icemage with max shards blast frostbite, i can hit around 12-13 shards and 8-10k blast, and theres no pierce lure on boss, which one does more dmg to the boss? Please tell the truth so he can stop being full of himself

Re: Explain to this nub

As with everything.. it depends. What boss is it? Each boss has different resists. Are we talking about the yule obelisk? because mages win on that one. is it DL bosses? I have to go with rogues. EDL bosses? I think Ice mages work best on these. What gear is the rogue using? if it's poison gear then he's going to have a bad time on necro or in the tower, but it would work well elsewhere. I think we need more information to answer your question :D

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Re: Explain to this nub

So what ur trying to say is that in general you can produce more dps..... Sorry. Evades on ice are terrible. Always have been. So lets say that a roge like this general has main and offhand edl skain set and idk maybe a godly or two. Lets just say hes a full str stat. Sneaky qs and ss will prob rock out 15k dmg on an edl boss. Then by the time the mage can recast another round kf qs and ss with about 7 autos in the middle about 1400 each...... Ya id say the gen isnt the nub in this situation....
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Re: Explain to this nub

The edl spite itself would compensate for a large proportion of a mages dmg. Between casts of ice skills, a rogue on haste can get at least 7 autos minimum and while casting free dmg insta cast skills like qs and ss.

Depends on which boss. Some u may get or come close.
There is a reason rogues get the kills most of the time.
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