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Re: Steam

fr3gryf wrote:too bad you dont play on android....caus we can play on pc with soo many android emulators :D

Android have so much more cooler things than iOS, I believe android even has a clicker app that clicks ur screen every so often kinda like a bot. I'm certainly switching to android when I upgrade in a few months.
Right now I'm deciding between the LG G4 or the Galaxy S7 Edge, in a few months who knows what else they'll bring out tho..

Re: Steam

Oh and to the OP, just buy a digital AV adapter and hdmi cable so u can mirror ur iPhone screen onto a tv :) and I'm pretty sure u could connect a hdmi cable to a pc but I never tried.
Although the controls are a little tricky cuz ur still controlling from ur touch screen phone and it's hard to press a screen on the right place when your not looking at it, unless Celtic heroes supports this Mfi controller or w/e it's called? Anyone know if it does?
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Re: Steam

P1R4HN4 wrote:I have found a way to stream my device to my MAC and allow me to play on it or stream to twitch ;)

Dude, nice :D
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Re: Steam

Actually I play ch on my PC by installing bluestacks it's a android emulator that allows you to basically have a android phone on your computer. Once you have it installed just sign into your android account and download Celtic heroes. IMO I would rather play on the phone but I don't own an android phone and until they make the game work with iOS and android I can't play on my iPhone. The game is a little wonky at first because your using a mouse instead of your fingers but you should be able to get the hang of it after awhile.

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