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Evil in Stonevale/ Disc bosses spawn time and drops.

Okay to all those lower levels who have The Evil in Stonevale quest, these are Fellfire, Chillmist, Spirehoof, and Falgren's spawn time. To all those lower levels 50+ (including me), here are the drops.

Charfire, and Fellfire; 1 hr. Moons and Suns.
Crystalmist, Chillmist; 1 hr, Oak and Sun and Moon
Moonspell, Starspell; 1 hr, elms, oaks, crowns
Crumblehorn, Spirehoof; 1 hr, Sun, oak, crowns
Brutus, Falgren; 1 hr, Crowns, Drags.

Hope this helped :)

There are 2 more placeholders, but those don't drop discs.
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Re: Evil in Stonevale/ Disc bosses spawn time and drops.

Let's break this down..again.

Every SV Frag boss(non-tomato boss) Spawns every 60 min in SV.

The thing is, like any boss, sometimes it's the boss that drop 3 frags, sometimes it's the miniboss that drops 1 frag and sometimes it's the Placeholders that don't drop frags. The timer starts again as soon as the boss/PH is killed.

They always spawn at the same spawn point no matter where they were killed, you should know the spawns by now, if you don't ask.

So if yer looking for Starspell, hang out at the spawn point and repeatedly kill Glowspell, MoonSpell or ShimmerSpell until Starspell spawns. And they all will spawn every 60 min after being killed. Same goes for all other SV Frag Bosses. You can time the exact time, and write it down or egg timer it and then cycle back to the area to see what the next spawn is. It's freaking easy.

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Re: Evil in Stonevale/ Disc bosses spawn time and drops.

Corrections - Starspell and Shimmerspell drop Crowns too. And I've never seen Spirehoof drop a crown, can someone confirm that?

Anyway, I don't think you're being very polite addressing the readers as noobs.. Last time I checked, most people don't like being called noobs, so maybe change that if you want them to keep reading.
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