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Re: hrung falls again

Criminal wrote:Very nice, grats to u. Sadly, the drop rate is still horrible.

Naruto2 wrote:Grats on kill and drops.

What's a void skull? First time seeing one :)

Grats to whoever get that nt skull.

Thats because I never post our two void energy harvest skulls.

Lmao. Gotta love void energy harvest skull. Top that :) lol

Sadly even after the patch voids/godly are still extremely rare.

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Re: hrung falls again


Danu has one void nature touch. Dropped well over a year ago..but same as someone said above, it's now on an inactive player ._.
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Re: hrung falls again

Aileron wrote:Is that like the first Void NT skull ever? Or even if it's the second one, out of what - 20,000 kills across all worlds?

OTM will probably just congratulate you but that ain't right.
weve got one on Herne I'm pretty sure...

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