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Re: What Scammers Will Do

I feel sad for the people who have to send & the people who fall for it. pisses me off that some people can't even be bothered to work at somthing & feel accomplished but rather leach & scam of others to better themselves. Thanks for posting as I know some people would fall for this
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Re: What Scammers Will Do

rysnthedestroyer wrote:Best part is that the sentence is missing punctuation and some words. I can't understand how somebody could be so desperate IN A VIDEO GAME.

Ha was just about to say this. I would many trust anything if it didn't have propper punctuation and spelling, it's not really professional and I doubt they would even say congrats in the subject, it would be congratulations!! Some people r stupid

** Ha just read my post, I meant "I would not trust anything" but darn spell checker changed it -.- with we could turn it off on iOS
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Re: What Scammers Will Do

Zyz wrote:I can't believe anyone that actually had anything worth taking would actually fall for this

Nobody that I know if got scammed from it and none of the ppl on even got the mail. It happened like 10 minutes after I was flaunting my items to a friend (wasn't him). Was prob some nub

Re: What Scammers Will Do

I think it's funny that the scammer didn't even spell "Heroes" correctly. :lol:
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