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Beta Gelebron Raid when beta is released (Android)

To all players on each android server, and for those who play across multiple servers. Lets get our toons copied to the Beta and attempt a gelebron raid for all players who have full edl aura and 215+

I think the pro's of doing the Gelebron run would be: invaluable experience of what we can expect from the raid. i think a few attempts would be fun, The lixs we use in the beta don't affect the lixs we have in the actual game. If we succeed awesome. If we don't we gain alot of experience that we would not normally have. Great opportunity for us while testing the spring beta.

I see Gelebron as a raid boss that is still far off on most android servers. Edl sets and weapons are being made more frequently, so eventually a android server will want to attempt the raid, having no experience of what to expect can be discouraging. What better way the uniting all 4 servers for practice. The best players from each server, all with alot of experience. Could be alot of fun.

This would take a lot of communication and cooperation. Each server has people that play across the entire world with different time zones. I'd like to hear some responses from players on Lir, Balor, and Donn as well. EDL aura is required for a gelebron raid or it would be like going to Mordy without full dl. FUll dl toons 215+ are welcome to come but i don't know the effeciency of that.
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