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The Old Stonevale. It's like a Phantom limb after amputation

I think the new Stonevale looks amazing but the old one is so clear in my mind I can still see it in my head.

I have been playing since late 2011 and I've leveled quite a few Toons there and spent so much time. It changed a few times, with different trees etc and the Big Red guy disappeared and the unicorns changed a little, but still the bone structure was always the same.

Anyone else miss it ?

Honestly I remember it more clearly than some places I have lived. Thats either pathetic or a tribute to the art work.
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Re: The Old Stonevale. It's like a Phantom limb after amputa

They rather should just remove some maps like lame Catacombs/Crookback/Sewers/Tavern

And just replace these for higher lvl maps :p
iam not sure about all these low level maps since i have no alts and will never create one, but to me it seems like these maps are always empty when i enter them...
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