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Heard there is one Ranger on the whole world of celtic heroes whose able to take out redbane mini solo,
Looking forward to see that ranger killing any 4* place holder above level 100 :D

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Re: LegenDzz

Introvert wrote:
friddoo wrote:It's LeGenDzZ

Its :roll:

It's = It is

So... It's "It's LeGenDzZ"
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Re: LegenDzz

Bluestarr wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:
Hison wrote:How does one solo redbane 4*?

I bolased it and kept my distance, then chopped him up with an axe.

I think you lie! This strat isn't working. Please elaborate

First you use bolas skill, then you go a few steps back, shoot 1 or 2 arrows, just use enough arrows to injure him. After that you switch to your axe, hotbar your trusty axe so it's much faster, then rush towards it and chop it up. Aim for the head.

That's how you make redbane stew.
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