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Re: Taranis's very first monolith kill!

Havoc wrote:Congrats! I wish he was worth the effort to kill. At least proteus has amazing drops to match the difficulty. I checked out the loot table and it seems to only drop decent Mage rings unless I missed something.

Monolith drops are crazy good for casters. Take a godly bracelet for example (150foc, 700 fire mag, 10+fire attun) now take a godly frostiron bracelet (150 foc, 10+ firebolt) when they are compared, if you do the proper math, 100 ability = 20 focus, so this events bracelet adds 140 foc extra, not to mention that ability also reduces your avoids on bosses... So its like double the power in the new bracelets. Rings are good aswell!
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