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Re: Pureness

Bitey wrote:
MortalCreed wrote:Full set is amazing but your as squishy as a marshmallow and no hp or energy bonuses:/

Which makes me wonder how effective this set will be for gelebron since he does a 11k aoe attack and an aoe chaos attack. My idols hurt just thinking about it.

maybe theres a secret set bonus that protects u from gelebron dmg?
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Re: Pureness

Feels like its gonna be a bunch of marshmallows diving into a huge fire.
Squish squish, squish squish!
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Re: Pureness

Grats! I like the new armor. I think otm is giving us a chance to use all those banked hrung, necro, mordy and event boss drops that no one wants. I can see my auto dps going down a lot, but I'm sure the added skill dmg will make up for it. It is nice to have options.

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