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Not happy

Ok first the new looks are fantastic, new high cost helmets are a nice touch, new quests are great, BUT too many changes to make playing a rogue boring. Sneak hits 276 on a lvl 30 bone claw, and even then I get aggroed before I can cast it, the cool down time is now about 20 seconds or somthing so you might aswell delete it as a skill its now useless. New skills hmm ok the quick stab hits about a 100 and I just don't think poison is any good, my hits seem to do less damage. Both skills are at 6/7. And to top it off no more lvling in boss room as you end up dead. I'm well naffed off. Think I'm going to call it a day :)
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Re: Not happy

Mages now have the hardest hitting skill.
Also, part of the game is teaming up to take on tougher mobs.
Try using a different combo of skills and training in any new abilities you have.
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Re: Not happy

Hi there

How do you mean only 2 characters?

We upgraded it, before the update you got 2 free characters to use on all servers, now after the update you get 2 free character slots on each server which is a total of 28 characters you can make for free.

Or am I missing something!

Re: Not happy

I used to be able to get into the black rev room and only loose close to half my total health, and I'm a Mage. Now I can't even get in there. Therefore no lvling. Everytime I try those stupid monsters follow me for twice the time they used to. Ad my firebolt lvl 10 is only hitting 90s and 100s on boneclaws where it used to hit 100-170 on black revs. This is just wrong. I love the new looks but I hope u guys start on shalemont ravine soon because the catacombs are dead to me. I'm sorry to have to say this but its just the way I see it.
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