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Proteus Healing

Can anyone give tips on how to prevent proteus from healing? My clan got its hp down to 20% with around 20 toons after 50 mins, but we were unable to interrupt/out dps the heals. We had a decently high expose (2.5k), but only two mages with freeze skill. Freeze would avoid or warriors would get frozen before successfully bashing. Would really appreciate a solution to this if anyone can help.

Re: Proteus Healing

Such an intelligent and useful reply, thank you so much. We had two Druids, three tanks, and 3 mages, the rest were Rangers and rogues. About 20 total, this is the most we have got online since proteus was released.. What toons specifically, and what skills would help overcome heal?

Re: Proteus Healing

paggasquid wrote:Either get more rangers or get 3-4 tanks with bash. Make sure a max expose is on all the time as well.

Had a full dex expose up 95% of the fight, I was in charge of that. Managed to keep proteus bolased most of the time and had both of our only two druids with root in case bolas failed. Rogues spent the majority of the time killing adds which may have been inefficient. Exactly when should bash be cast, right after orange msg for heal or when it says casting? Also, proteus would freeze our tanks just before casting heal, not sure what to do with that.

Also wondering if other servers have had success with autoing on the boss. I can imagine its possible with two druids per group but that may be difficult for us to get that many online.

Re: Proteus Healing

friddoo wrote:get more bashers/healers or accept fights will take ages. We had some proteus primes that took 1 hour and 30min+
I'll aim for 5 bash and at least 4 freeze next fight. We could get up to 4 druids and soon 6 when they reach 215.We will commit to that long a fight if need be. It was pretty fun despite our failure lol. Oh and does freeze actually do anything or just bash (for heal).
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