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Re: Which clan will down Gelebron first?

paggasquid wrote:
Smellyunder wrote:I don't care who kill first. What I care is whether my clan can kill it.

Well spoken man. Btw I just see all the server bragging about them killing gele as a friedly competition, a fun challange.

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Re: Which clan will down Gelebron first?

Mysteryman wrote:
Poisonouslugh wrote:How would you know about anything In lugh. Your a toon that sits in castle ripping everyone off stop being a troll

you're chief is a troll, you are a troll. lugh has never been the first to beat any boss. besides that fact, the people that organized and came up with the strategies of those fights aren't in your self-centered clan. you guys can't beat gelebron unless maybe you get the help from those that you stepped on along the way, and i seriously doubt they will help you. hey maybe stepping on those that helped you for selfish and greedy motives wasn't exactly the best approach. good luck and i hope you waste a lot of plat.


People that came up woth our strategies weren't from our clan? Yeah, necro plan was taken from another world, so was mordy, and so was hrung.

Actually I came up with our plan in beta and we will be using a slightly revised version that I also came up with in game. If it doesn't work out we will continue to revise until we get it down. We don't need anybody's help. As for not killing anything first, that's due to poor communication and english comprehension between all the players on our world but we don't have to deal with that anymore.
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Re: Which clan will down Gelebron first?

Smellyunder wrote:I don't care who kill first. What I care is whether my clan can kill it.

That sums it up nicely. Elementals never killed first, never cared for that as long as we could kill it, first or last.
Btw, we took our mordy plan from Lugh, not sure who was the player to come up with the plan, but in favor we gave our necro plan if its still in use (which is same for all worlds more or less but glad to help :) ;) )
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