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New areas are great n all that but...

I have to admit that stonevale is by far the best looking place in the game since the new update :p ! I hadnt been there since update until today (don't need to go there often) , if ya haven't been there yet, check it out lmao.
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Re: New areas are great n all that but...

aqww123 wrote:It was impossibke for me to find wardens someone had to show me the way

Which (in my personal opinion) is how the game should be. People should explore areas that are detailed, and full of awesome detours and side paths. For most of the other areas, there is only like two or three main areas, connected by one or two routes between them. I would absolutely love to see the otherworld get a bit of a layout redesign, making it more engaging than simply: area one, area two, area three, with a single path between areas. We needs more paths and tiny areas!!! :lol: . I mean c'mon, its totally different world, different dimension, etc.
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