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Hints and tips section correction.

The hints, tips, guides sections has a thread on farming gold. The places to sell items is not accurate.

I took some time a few months back and made a spreadsheet to determine the best places to sell items to vendors.

I don't believe that Quiggley pays max anymore. I don't have all the vendors listed since I stopped tracking them if they payed low, so I don't know for sure without testing again.

There was some overlap for who pays max, but the following is accessible to everyone.

Ferguson the Blacksmith in the castle: Weapons

Angus Mclir next to Ferguson in the castle: Armor

Sunbranch the Farie in Stonevale: Rings, torcs, and necklaces. If it is too difficult to get to her, Mureil and Sandy the tailors pay the second highest, but the price difference is significant to lower levels (about 76%), so it may be beneficial to find someone to escort you in Stonevale.

Skill vendors in castle: in-class weapons and armor, and all other items.

Re: Hints and tips section correction.

I find that the Scavenger (lvl50 lux in OW) pays well all around, but I often times sell weapon drops (mostly connacht and glimmerwing) to the Shalemont vendor. I've heard the main Stonevale vendor is pretty good as well. I don't sell to Quiggley at all anymore.
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