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Re: How Did You Find Celtic Heroes?

i started on may, 2014 kinda early may. And i started a rogue, didnt like that, then druid, sorta liked it, warrior, didnt like. ranger, pffth nope, and mage. YES!
deleted my mage because i didnt like the shalemont prices and tried playing oac online, came back and i made a warrior for fun. i though, nobody uses spears, ima use one to see why. fell in love with the build and got him to 119 before i got scammed by my (then) best friend. everything that made my warrior feared in pvp (lol) was gone including ym wild sun ammy on the last few days of ostara! ( :cry: ) then i made a mage after a few weeks break to cool my jets. called it Siliske in memorium of my first char ever, got it to 105 in 4 days, (i had a lotta lixes) and waiting for more so i can reach 150. :mrgreen:
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Re: How Did You Find Celtic Heroes?

My brother used to always play it and id always ask what movie he was watchin.. One day i look at his ipad then i said i bet id get a higher level than you and whoop everyone... Dec 2013 yule
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Re: How Did You Find Celtic Heroes?

I was searching for a Diablo 1 style game, and liked the Icon of ch. lol
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