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How Did You Find Celtic Heroes?

Hey Guys Kilp here
Today I wanted to discuss something that has been on my mind for awhile. How did you guys find Celtic Heroes? I will explain how I found it and start a chain of how you found it! So lets get right into it.
It was November of 2013, I went through a messy breakup and at that time I got my first Ipad. And the first thing that i wanted from the app store was a silly Sonic game. It was filling until i got bored of it. Then I said to myself " I need a game where I can make memories and enjoy a community.
At the time i was in a mmo craze. Playing Neverwinter, LoL, Star Quest. So i typed "MMO' and the first page was full of crap mmos until i saw a key word in the title "3D MMORPG CELTIC HEROES". I was like "this sounds fun" so i downloaded and at first i didnt know that there were mutiple servers, so Herne was my default and create my character. And the Rest was history.
QUICK FUN FACT ABOUT MY NAME! - I wanted the name Clip, like as a automatic CLIP. But the auto correct changed clip to kilp for some reason. Maybe it was for the Best :)

So guys, Tell the community of how you stumble Celtic Heroes. Until Next time guys.
~kilp :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: How Did You Find Celtic Heroes?

in late november early december of 2011 i had gotten an i pod for my bday. i was 11 at the time so i had games like sheep launch, doode jump, etc... i got bored of those and went into the app store to find something longer term. i downloaded games likes legendary wars, dungeon hunter, and eventually i game across this game.

after it downloaded i started playing and i was mind blown about how good the graphics are and how fun it was. i told my little brother to download it and we played it all the time.

we had lvl 30 accounts and i remember us splitting to buy redclaw armour and he were super happy about that and thought we were super good. we also got super excited wen we killed the level 2 fairy in front of the castle.

this game helped my little brother and i bond, sadly we cant play with eachother til christmas wen he gets an android device.
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Re: How Did You Find Celtic Heroes?

I tried out every mmo on iTunes and liked ch the most. Mostly because I found heavily instanced games became boring quite fast as it nearly removes the massively and multiplayer parts

Also i don't play games that require you to pay money to play/win or that offer too much advantage. Some games you actually purchase the best items (or chances at them) directly for real money (cannot earn them any other way) and can reach end game level in a few days. For all the complaints CH is the best one in my opinion.
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Re: How Did You Find Celtic Heroes?

It was a dark and stormy night. November 14th 2011 approx 3 am in the morning.

I was scrolling thru the AppStore one sleepless night in the adventure category. Top free section. It was around 240 on the list when I saw it.


I felt the heavens open (or atleast my auto brightness starting to blind me) and I heard the "call" and downloaded it immediately.

I have taken breaks but the call still echoes in my mind until I return. I have never regretted playing this game.
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