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Tribute to Aowin

Hello One Thumb Mobile. My name is JayNightBlade, I'm a player on Taranis and a member of Pride. Me and many others of the Taranis community wanted to ask something of you. Recently a player in ParaDogz has died on ovaric cancer named Aowin. We ask that it may be possible to somehow implement her spirit into the Samhain 2015 event. Even the smallest thing possible would mean ATON to us. We just want her to be remembered in someway through our lives, and since OTM has listened to us before please help us now as this is very important.

Thank you for all that you do,
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Re: Tribute to Aowin

Aowin was not only of my closest friends but a symbol of peace, selflessness, and eternal caring. It would be immensely appreciated if the name could be given to some aspect of the event or the game as a whole, such as one of the NPCs being renamed.

Thank you.
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