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Re: Tribute to Aowin

Sorry to hear of Aowins passing, indeed, any passing of a hero should be remembered in some way, very good idea +1
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Re: Tribute to Aowin

Would be a great idea. Maybe making a statue the size of the bounty board in the players likeness, which could be put into Dustwither graveyard. I would remove all the monsters their however, and make it a respectful and serene burial place.
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Re: Tribute to Aowin

Possibly like how they added a new area to sv a little side area near dustwither for the remembrance of heroes? Like someone above stated, a statue in their likeliness and possibly a quote from the chief or a valued member to them on their stone. A serene place to honor those that are lost.

Re: Tribute to Aowin

ChromeJaws wrote:If would be wonderful if OTM did this for Aowin. Saddening me to know this but she's in a better place.

Chrome I know it would be!!!! I've seen some great suggestions such as dustwither graveyard have a tomb for her or an NPC. Maybe even just a memorial up on Northern Penninsula where the beach meets the water. Knowing how awesome OTM is they can help us! :)
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Re: Tribute to Aowin

Regenleif wrote:Aowin was not only of my closest friends but a symbol of peace, selflessness, and eternal caring. It would be immensely appreciated if the name could be given to some aspect of the event or the game as a whole, such as one of the NPCs being renamed.

Thank you.

Means so much that you commented reggy! :)
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Re: Tribute to Aowin

Criminal wrote:I'll be more than glad to see something like that as well, Belenus has seen a player's death before. Id suggest a statue perhaps that looked like her toon, doenst have to be big, NPC/bounty board size, which when u 'talk' to it says 'Tribue to Aowin' or ur choice.

Id really want to see that happen. If otm starts making some kind of board or any type of NPC that can be like a document in tribute of players (their name, lvl, class and anything else u may add), then I must say, it would be the most amazing thing Ive ever seen on gaming.
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Re: Tribute to Aowin


I like the idea of her character being the npc for this event. That'd be great!
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Re: Tribute to Aowin

Hey Heroes,

We at OTM are sorry to hear the sad news of the loss of Aowin and send our condolences to the family and friends it is terrible to hear such a dedicated hero has been lost.

Please understand that whilst we fully appreciate your wish to commemorate her memory we at Celtic Heroes have to follow a strict protocol, and unfortunately will not be in a position commemorate Aowin within the game.

However, we do not want this to prevent you celebrating her honour as you have within this forum post and we wish to keep it open for a while so any others can have their say, express their feelings or leave some kind words in her memories.

To Aowin, you shall be missed by all.

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