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Re: We are a little behind but we did it.

Sebastian Wolfe wrote:From Lir. The first time it dropped an Imperial Shielded Bracer of Precision, Mighty Flamesteal Ring, and a Majestic Trollblood Helm of Firestorm. The second time it dropped a Shadow Skull of Lightning Strike, Majestic Blightsalve Ring, and a Royal Mental Bracer of Deflection.

OOOO i LIke that! Actually i have no idea what im talking about but im sure a fire mage would be pumped to have that helm.

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Re: We are a little behind but we did it.

Kenny G wrote:The mage who got it gave it away lol. The skill add is OP but armor is only 6.
We killed it lots of times now really not that hard.

This is the strangest reason I've ever heard a caster pass on a hrung helm. Heck I was more than happy to forego a small amount of armor to equip a hrung nature's touch helm.
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