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Re: Pierce

Grab a rebirth and increase it 1 by 1 best way to find out :)
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Re: Pierce

Pierce damage, like slash and crush damage is a variable, depending not only on strength, but your current weapons abilty(dagger, bow, axe, etc) too

These damages still go by current weapon abilty even if it's not from a weapon, like a bloodlust helmet or pierce bracelet.
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Re: Pierce

Unequip all your items as a level 1 find a low pierce wep, check dmg stats at level 1 with low pierce wep, level up, use 1 point of str and check how much it raises your dmg, this is just about the only way besides using another class with no armour and a crappy pierce wep, then dividing the dmg by the amount of pierce dmg on wep
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