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Muldar - Give Us Hope

This post is extremely serious so I would appreciate it that all jokes and messing around be bottled up on this post.

Muldar, in your signature, you note you play a ranger and have been updating it's level. This is the only proof of any OTM character i have ever seen in my 4 years of play.

Now, this could save the game atm. Unfortunately I am already walking out the door and quitting shorly, however, this does not mean you cant save the rest of the player base. Please allow me to explain.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR TOON FREE PLAT, GOLD, XP, ITEMS, ELIXIRS, GEAR, ANYTHING!! I am BEGGING you to play this toon from a player's perspective. PLEASE englighten the OTM studio with the struggles the everyday end game and noob player must go through so we can come to agreement on some much needed changes!
Obviously, many players buy plat! So i offer you to gift yourself 4000 Plat ($100) assuming you have the power to do that being that you work at OTM

Please play this toon like a regular player! I challenge you to try and get the ranger to 220, even 200, nay! 150!
If you attempt this, you will understand what a grind leveling is, how even with elixirs it is gruesome! That end game drop rates are depressing! That raid loot and luxury item design is poor and needs improvement!

Please just give it a shot.
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Re: Muldar - Give Us Hope

Dem0n wrote:Muldar is pretty awesome, even if he doesn't do this just connecting with the player base like he is currently is going to change a lot of things. I am very happy OTM have appointed someone his job :)

They rly need someone who is end game from different prospectives. Are any of the otms workers end game lvl 220?without hax.-.

Re: Muldar - Give Us Hope

Big +1 to this post, Ive said in clan chat several times how happy I am theres finally a legit player (rest of OTM, if u stay so 'secret', then no, I dont call u legit).
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Re: Muldar - Give Us Hope

Criminal wrote:Big +1 to this post, Ive said in clan chat several times how happy I am theres finally a legit player (rest of OTM, if u stay so 'secret', then no, I dont call u legit).

+1 u can do it Muldar!!!!!
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Re: Muldar - Give Us Hope

I do not think he is allowed to give his toon free items due to him mentioning that he does it on his own free time. He is stiil quite low but it is a start, I would say it would be hard for him not to get the easy life due to his popularity. Someone might help him out for just who he is.
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