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Re: What is the Strongest Boss you Can Solo?

I'mdead wrote:
muster wrote:bandage wounds lol but its not a big help because it have a long recast time ..
+ i use shield bash and shield wall which protects me from his skills
i got a special build somethin like a solo boss build.
i can solo captain blackstorm too :D

Your either a troll that wants attention or your just plain lying and just making up stuff or maybe your telling the truth. What are your stats? You probably didn't solo, you used your level 146 rogue with your warrior.
muster wrote:Hey everyone!
Im a lvl 146 Rogue on Taranis and im new to the forums.
I just wanted to say Hello!:)

You guys all realize the far seeing one is the 5* version of al seeing? It's not hard at all...
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Yes, I seem to be back again.

Re: What is the Strongest Boss you Can Solo?

Soloed the white rabbit near the bandit camp. Vicious streak a mile wide and bones everywhere. Yet somehow i prevailed.
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Re: What is the Strongest Boss you Can Solo?

with lix i can solo

copper 6 star
100 event boss (last event) (had to renew lixes it took so long)
dontknow its name but the weapon boss dude thats drops obsidian stuff in otherworld. (was not worth the time lol)

without lix i can solo

all seeing eye
100 five star event (last event)

never tried any of the other otherworld bosses :D
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