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Re: Post your bounty bag drops here!

I got (most notably) 20K i one, a rare coin, 2 knows, 1 combo, 4 super hastes, then a bunch of friggen super wiz. otm if i hear one more end game player getting a 90% mount from bounty im done. literally the only people getting the mounts are 200+. cmon now. if this is a game for only high lvls count me out cuz i cant afford irl to find a end game player.

Re: Post your bounty bag drops here!

So far ive gotten 5 superior beltane bags, 4 gave super energy regen / 1 super haste
Ive also gotten about 9 standard bags, 2 gave super hp regen / 3 super energy / 3 super exp/ 1 super attack

I feel lucky when I get an exp lol
Insperatus: 222 ranger, Mischief: 215 rogue ,Loredancer: 162 mage, VexedVixen: 202 druid -Sulis-
Insper: 188 ranger, Insperatus, 142: rouge, Honey Bee: 105 druid -Nuada-

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