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Chest RNG?

Anyone know if chests drop rare items less frequently as time goes on? Or is there a certain amount of rare drops that are available? Just curious if you have the same chance to get a rare drop when the even just starts and when its about to end.
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Re: Chest RNG?

Well there haven't been anything prooven but I'm almost 100% u can open whenever lots of people think it's better luck on first day but that's just there opinion
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Re: Chest RNG?

I have a theory.

It SEEMS like there is more rare stuff the first day, because a ton of chests are bought then, and used, so there would be more rare items because more chests were opened.

I think it is unlikely the rare rates are tilted, I think the theory above is more likely.
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Re: Chest RNG?

All i know is that rates for a mount dropping severly decreased after the first (summer) chest was put out.
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Re: Chest RNG?

Well here is my theory. You know how u get grab machines in arcades? They in fact set them to win in the morning so that people will see them lucky winner walking around with there prize. This then urges more people to go and play and the machines because they then believe that they can win. When infact the odds of you winning is greatly decreased... Its all about the money.

So this leads me on to think that maybe otm sets the chests to be more lucky in winning a rarer prize. Because if you see that on the first day someone going around on a 100% mount u will be more likely to go buy some chests as you may believe that you too have a good chance of winning these rare items.

I believe that otm after a few days into the event they lower the possibility of rare items being occurred from chests. Because then people will keep wanting to get them rare items that they've already seen and will keep buying and buying untill they get.

As i said this is just a theory and not 100% true

Re: Chest RNG?

I got this 1 month after Yule 2014 came out so to be rational I'd say there is no proper algorithm to the event chests, it's just pure random luck what you find in each one.
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Re: Chest RNG?

AlexTheL3gend wrote:I got this 1 month after Yule 2014 came out so to be rational I'd say there is no proper algorithm to the event chests, it's just pure random luck what you find in each one.

I've opened 1000 chests and have yet to get a mount

Re: Chest RNG?

My theory, is that every chest opened pulls from the same pool. Rather than each individual account having its own pool to pull from. This means that the more people opening chests at a time, the more being drawn from this shared reward pool increasing te chance of good items being recieved
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Re: Chest RNG?

Chest are completely random , just pray to the RN JESUS that you get something good . Think the ofds of a mythic mount is like 1 percent so dont think your going to geton just becuase yoh spent 200$ on chests . You can open 5000 chests and you still might not get one even then . Sadly :/

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