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Re: Open beta

killstealer wrote:Emails from OTM confirming your spot in open Beta have been sent out. (Sorry if you didn't get in)

In this email, it states that test flight should be sending you an invitation for Beta. (Everyone is still waiting on the open beta invitation)

Time since OTM email:
25 hours and 12 minutes AND COUNTING!!! Definitely the most exciting beta!

Its nice to see an optimistic viewpoint on the long wait :) im guessing it will come out very soon or it wont get out till tommorow, since everyones off work tonight, and most people are off today.
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Re: Open beta

Any word on droid beta?
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Re: Open beta

i have downloaded beta but my toon not on there.
in clan message it said to contact admin in beta forum, i do not have access, to any of the links sent in the email for the forum , can not send report pictures can not use my toon spirtmage lev 159 mabon can you help

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