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Beltane 2015 Breakdown!

The new update...

I won't have beta this time around, so obviously I can't get any real stuff but this is how I under stand the following on what OTM has given us so far.


Beltane Fasion:
So far we have seen the male's and the females clothing. (http://i.imgur.com/LzXXkLO.png)Along with them, are other event items such as a wand(?), a mask, and some sort of cape things that seem to mount on the shoulders(http://i.imgur.com/xryLGJr.png)(may be a special type of the chest piece like sparkly, spooky, ect.)
One of the things that I had caught was that the wigs for both the male and female characters are practically the same, very slim modifications. Other than that, this events Fashion is a 50/50 like usual on likes and dislikes.

Beltane Event: (http://i.imgur.com/ZRLixtU.png)
The Beltane event has shown 3 various mobs, and has hinted to us that there will be "new quests that may contain special prizes".
With every event we see that there is a daily quest. We can tell that there will for certain already be a daily quest(not only from repetitiveness) because of the 3 photos. The current dailies are 5* bosses that you need to kill along with some of their minions, and of course these are set among level requirements. The picture shows a yellow 5* which is fairly obvious.
What really stumped me were the other 2 photos of the treant and the stag. At first I believed that they were just the guards of the new daily quests, but not only was the stag in the middle of a pathway, nor was it that the treant is practically right newt to the tower leystone, but it was that they were both 2*. What I had concluded from it is that the other 2 mobs may be some sort of new "Gordan's Pie" quest for the event, or maybe adding onto it. They are weird levels, but they are the levels that are in between the current levels for the pie quests right now. OTM is throwing some level spreading for the pie quest on this one so you aren't a level 59 killing level 30 board for exp. very subtle by helpful to non-endgamers.

The Update to the Engine:

Obvious ones that need no explanation are that 1.Necro drops are NO LONGER "bind on equip", 2.more stable fps (especially for raid bosses), 3.that they are looking more intently on class balancing by reducing evasions and lowering the randomness of skill damage, and 4.all armour bosses spawn time have become faster.

The ones that we can envision all in our own way but can't quite see how it works, or maybe just don't make any sense, have been pictured in a way, how I can see how they would work and what they may mean.

-can put items in skill slots for equipping items from your HUD (http://i.imgur.com/u2mpBag.png)(http://i.imgur.com/o4ewtz5.png) ------what I see coming from this, is easy options to change gear/weapons on the go so it is more convenient. First off, from this becoming a thing I would buy a 4th page of skill slots(or one more of how ever many you have) just for items, same as lix's. This way if you are a hybrid warrior/Druid, it would be very easy to change your gear ( may need 2 pages if includes rings and stuff) but the one that everyone will be using it for is mounts. I showed what it may look like, coming from the hot bar slots. But all is speculation :p

-map navigation + (http://i.imgur.com/1gNN7tK.png)(http://i.imgur.com/WuvBbVn.png). Map navigation increasing is very unclear as to what they mean, but the first thing that comes to mind is actually finding yourself on the map. The arrow used right now is very hard to tell exactly where you are especially when under the waterfalls(which they may add smaller maps to show those once you go inside) so the first thing that made sense to me was to use a dot for yourself instead of an arrow. Updating the maps again to have a clearer route combined with a dot for yourself will make traveling easier for those that don't know where things are.
-show friends in group on the map. Throwing this one in here with this one because it just kinda makes sense. Showing frineds inside of group, instead of just group. What they meant by this (that would only make sense) is that as long as you are friends with that person, AND in a group with them. You may see where they are on the map no matter the distance. Right now you can only see where the people are in you GROUP, but only if they are wishing exp sharing distance.

-can scroll, literally, inside the inventory (no need to use the scroll bar). (http://i.imgur.com/9rfHgKR.png) I thought this was pretty awesome as since it's a mobile game I always find myself scrolling my inventory, but end up just moving items around, so for this I just mapped out the areas that you will be able to scroll in your inventory. I assume you will still be able to manage you're items while in your inventory, so I had just highlighted the "dead" areas of the inventory space (differs on iP6's, Air, and mini)

-3 NEW "Bird companions" WITH "Unique animations"!! . What I think is really cool (go away Homie) is that they are going to be adding "companions" and experimenting on what they may be able to do with them and encore rate them into the game. They are starting off with 3 unique models and each has their own animation. There is no telling what it may be. But as you see from the picture, this seem fairly realistic to adding some maybe just new fashion at the moment.

-NEW HORSE MOUNTS!! Last but not least, a new mount besides flying. As Celtic Heroes is based (very close to) In a medieval/"ancient people" time and horses were by far a viable way of getting around, so I believe this will be really cool to have some horses running around, maybe granting new buffs (instead of camouflage or something) and maybe even greater speeds. But most of all, some crazy glitches from the new models xD


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Re: Beltane 2015 Breakdown!

None of this is real... It's all speculation, I even said it 2 times (the beggining and end) so yes, all photos are Photoshopped and Illistratored. :3 at least I know I did a good job is some peeps believed was actual
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Re: Beltane 2015 Breakdown!

the new fash is... No. I Don't fancy looking like a cheerleader.
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