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Re: Looking good

Vulture wrote:
Pixxie wrote:Only need yellow runes for my edl offhand then u can switch it back to the way it is heh

Our clan is handing out edl sets as our rangers reach the levels for the pieces. We have WAY too much yellow and unox 5 drops yellow conj 90% of the time.

Please send some to fingal :D much appreciated

Re: Looking good

Curry30423 wrote:
xanderace wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:Otm plz implement this! Also reduce all stats of edl bosses by 90% and make it a 100% 6* spawn. Make it spawn every 5 mins though. Only do this for fingal btw.

I saw a lonely baby druid named Heavens Cloud and I kept offering treats but he didn't respond. Do you know what could have been the reason? (there were tons of chicken of course)


Our timing never matches eh!
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