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Afk farming

I just recently hit endgame and was wondering where is the best place to afk farm? I have plenty of hp sigs and 3320 damage on stat page. Also when you afk farm do you have to tap the screen once in a while to keep the game running?

Re: Afk farming

U can't afk farm because the server will still see u as idle and log u out...it's a shame though that it's not possible
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Re: Afk farming

The only TOS compliant way to AFK farm is to train a chicen to peck the screen.

As long as the chicken has their own email address and registers the account via that email all is good.
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Re: Afk farming

Its not against the tos to afk farm. Just don't use any scripts or other methods of actual cheating.

The game logs you out after 10 minutes, if OTM wanted to change this they would. So right now you have to do one finger press every 10 minutes or 6 per hour. Personally i do about 9 minutes and if i miss i simply hit continue from the login screen. I have many alts dedicated to just afk, however my mele mains afk sometimes also with a gear change - no alting or rebirthing required. It's about 4 seconds of work per hour and you farm at about 1/3 to 1/10 normal speed. Slower but much easier per gold piece.

You basically want the highest hp, armor and auto attack dps you can get and skills/non weapon combat ability don't matter at all.

Right now on my server the best place to afk farm is in the tower. Find a spot where there isn't likely to be 4s spawns - typically you want 1-3s unless you are a warrior with really good gear. I can usually get a vial or two per hour and on top of that if you pick a spot that spawns a gold or xp mob it is even better. For example in achemal chambers between 195 and 200 in the east-west corridor room of 1-3s dobbies is nice and you get a gold mob there also. On the bridge of despair is good too.

OTM basically has removed nearly all the 30 second fast spawn mobs, probably due to people on my world - the top people have killed a hundred thousand aggy wyrm adds are all on Taranis - someone was there 24-7-365 until the nerf. However just pick a spot that spawns multiple normal easier mobs and you are set

Since mobs often spawn at the same time even if not killed together you can get ganged up on easily so the best places to stand usually involve the mobs having to wander a bit to get to you. It takes practice but using this method you can find spots everywhere.
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